Buying An RV? How You Can Protect Your Investment With Covered Storage

Are you ready to buy an RV? If you are, now's the time to plan for storage. You might think that parking your RV out in the open is the way to go. But, your RV can sustain a lot of damage from the elements when it's left out in the open. If you're not sure why you need covered RV storage, read the list below. Here are four types of damage a covered storage area can protect your RV from. 

Bird Droppings

If you've decided to forgo covered storage for your RV, think about the birds. If your RV gets stored out in the open, it's going to collect a lot of bird droppings. Dried-on bird droppings are hard to remove. But, there's more than cleaning time to worry about. Bird droppings contain uric acid. If uric acid stays on your RV for too long, it can damage the finish. Covered storage helps keep birds away from your RV. That way, you won't need to worry about damage caused by bird droppings. 

Sun Exposure

When you store your RV in an uncovered area, you need to worry about sun exposure. Too much sun exposure isn't good for your RV. Sun exposure can rot rubber, including tires and gaskets. Sun exposure can also cause discoloration on your RV. Finally, sun exposure can destroy the upholstery inside your RV. Covered storage keeps your RV out of the sun. 

High Winds

When you think of RV damage, high winds might not come to mind. That's especially true where storage is concerned. But, high winds can cause serious damage to your RV. High winds can pick up rocks, tree limbs, and other debris. Unfortunately, this debris can cause dents, scratches, and a broken windshield. This is especially true if your RV isn't stored in a covered area. Luckily, there is a way to reduce the risk of wind-related RV damage. You can park your RV in a covered storage area when it's not in use. 


Now that spring is here, you need to think about hail damage. Hail storms can generate large hailstones. When hailstones hit your RV, they can leave dents. Hailstones can also break windshields and windows. Unfortunately, hail storms can leave the entire surface of your RV covered in dents. Covered storage areas can protect your RV from hailstone damage. 

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