Self-Storage Shed Accessories And Products You May Need This Winter

Will you be moving items in and out of your outdoor self-storage shed this winter? If so, you may want to equip your storage unit with some accessories and products that will support the swift and secure movement of your possessions.

Hand Trucks And Straps

Hand trucks and straps will allow you to stabilize heavy or large items and push them to and from your storage unit. There are many types of hand trucks on the market, including convertible and upright models. A convertible model is one that can lay flat or stand vertically while it is being operated. The number of items that are currently stored in your storage unit, plus the size and weight of the items you will be transporting, will help you choose a hand truck that will provide adequate support.

A hand truck won't take up much room in your storage shed. It can be placed near one of the front corners of the unit. A box of straps can be placed on a shelf or on the floor within your unit. Invest in straps that are rigid and wide. This type of strapping product can be used to secure a variety of household goods to the hand cart.

Winter Essentials

Moving items to and fro during a winter storm could place your possessions at risk of becoming damaged. Some lightweight waterproof covers can be draped over furnishings or other loose items that won't fit on a hand truck. Rolling up the covers will allow you to conveniently store them inside your storage unit. A shovel and rock salt are some other essentials you may need.

Many storage facilities plow their parking lots. In spite of this, there may be some occasions in which snow-clearing efforts haven't been conducted by the time you arrive at your storage facility. During a storm, you should shovel the bulk of the snow that is near the entryway to your unit. Afterward, rock salt can be sprinkled liberally along the ground. Clearing snow and ice will prevent you from tripping and accidentally dropping some of your possessions on the ground.

A small, portable ramp is another great accessory to use during inclement weather. This type of accessory can be used during seasons besides winter too. A ramp that contains a textured surface will allow you to safely push a handcart up it. The ramp that you purchase should be tall enough to reach the bed of your truck or the trailer that you will be using to transport your possessions. 

For more information about self-storage, contact a local company. 

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