Traditional Versus Climate Controlled Storage Units: Which Is Right For You?

When selecting a self-storage unit, you will typically need to choose between renting a traditional unit and a climate-controlled unit. In most cases, climate-controlled units will rent for a higher price each month. However, these units also provide additional protection that traditional units do not. Consequently, choosing the right type of unit for your needs will be an important part of remaining as cost-efficient as possible while also ensuring that your stored items do not get damaged during the storage process. Thankfully, there are three simple factors that can help you determine which type of storage unit is best suited to your needs. Learn more about each of these factors below.

Factor #1: Items Being Stored

Perhaps the most important factor for you to consider when choosing which type of storage unit is right for you is what items you plan to store in this unit. This is because different items will react differently to extreme temperatures and high humidity levels. For instance, if you are simply planning to store some off-season clothing and excess dinnerware, you will not need to worry about the impact that the temperature inside your unit will have on these items. However, if you are planning to store electronics or antique furniture, you will need to invest in a climate-controlled unit if you wish to protect these items from damage. 

Factor #2: Length Of Storage

Another important factor for you to keep in mind when choosing your storage unit is how long you plan on keeping your items in storage. The reason that this is so important is that some weather-related issues will be irrelevant if your items are only going to be in storage for a short period of time. For example, while the hot temperatures of summer can easily cause damage to electronic items, these temperatures will not be an issue if you plan on removing your items from storage before the summer season comes around. 

Factor #3: Your Presence In The Unit

While some people are only inside their storage unit long enough to either add items or remove items from the unit, others will find themselves spending extended periods of time inside the unit while they work with the items inside. For instance, if you are planning to house inventory for an online store inside your storage unit, you are likely to spend a considerable amount of time inside as you pull the necessary items to fill daily orders. In this situation, your extended presence inside the storage unit will call a climate-controlled setting regardless of the weather-related vulnerabilities of any items stored inside.

Visit a storage facility to find the right storage unit for you.

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