Some Myths About Storage Units Debunked

Make sure you are listening to the correct information when you are looking into storage units. You don't want to listen to the myths, which can lead you to make the wrong decision when it comes to what you decide to do with your things. Here are some of the more popular myths on storage you don't want to believe. 

Myth - You have to rent large storage units

One myth is that all storage units are relatively large. This makes you think that when you only have a few items to store, you will still need to rent a good-sized storage unit. However, this is not the case. Storage facilities have units available in several different sizes, and this includes smaller units for those who don't have a lot to store. 

Myth - Storage facilities aren't secure

Another myth is that storage facilities aren't secure, leaving people to believe that their items will be at an increased risk of being stolen. However, storage facilities offer a much safer space for you to store your belongings than some other options you may have available to you. Storage facilities have gates that require a code before they open. Also, the facilities often have other security measures in place to offer additional layers of protection, such as security alarm systems, security cameras, and other features. 

Myth - Climatized self-storage units are a waste

A myth about climatized self-storage that some end up believing is that it is a waste. Some people don't understand the importance of storing many types of items in the appropriate temperatures and in low humidity environments. However, believing this myth can cause a lot of your things to be destroyed if you end up putting them in a storage unit that's not climatized. Fabrics, paintings, leather items, wood, vinyl records, and a lot of other items can be affected by heat, coldness, and/or humidity.

When you choose a unit in which the climate is controlled, you won't have to worry about things being damaged, many of which you may not have even realized would be at risk. 

Myth - Storage units can lead to pest infestations

Another myth is leaving your items in a storage unit makes them susceptible to pest infestations. However, this is not true, especially not when you use a climate-controlled storage unit. Climatized storage units are tightly sealed to better control the climate. Another upside of the units being so tightly sealed is that many pests won't be able to get into the unit.

Contact a local climatized self-storage service, such as Safe and Sound Self Storage, to learn more.

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