How To Save On Space In Your Self-Storage Unit

Personal storage provides extra room for when you have too much stuff to fit in your home or for when you are transitioning between residences. You can also use personal storage to store your stuff when you reorganize or redecorate your residence to give it a whole new look. While a self-storage unit is a convenient option to store your items, you could find that you run out of space if it's small. To help avoid running out of space, use the following strategies to pack everything perfectly.


For starters, go through your possessions to see if there are things you don't need to keep. While you are sorting your things, label the items that you will keep and those you will donate or throw away. While you might be tempted to retain most of the stuff, that's often not an economical or practical idea. Bear in mind that you will need some open space to keep your personal storage unit organized.

Donating the extra, usable items to the needy is a good cause. When you separate out the things that you don't need, consider donating the things that are still in good condition to charities. Any unusable, contaminated, or damaged items cand be thrown away. You can also sell some things to clear up a crowded self-storage unit, though that can take some time, and keeping the items until they sell will add to your clutter. Also, you often won't get as good a price for an item as you originally paid for it. 

Use Bins to Store Items

When your valuables are scattered all over the place, they create a mess. In addition, they become susceptible to damage. Containers like garbage bags and cardboard boxes might not offer a lot of protection to your items. Consider using storage bins to keep your self-storage unit organized and roomy.

Bins are beneficial since you can stack them together easily to save space, and their design makes them less likely to topple over. They also won't tear, which could expose your stuff to the weather or pests. 

Disassemble Furniture

Large furniture occupies a lot of space, leaving your unit cramped. But if you disassemble the furniture it will usually fit into less space, leaving extra room for other things. Ensure you keep track of the nails and screws used to assemble the furniture. Tying or taping a container containing said hardware to the larger furniture pieces can be a good strategy, just be careful of your furniture's finish. 

Place the dismantled furniture pieces in a vertical position to maximize the space that you have, but be careful to do so securely so they won't fall over. If you can't pull apart tables, put bins or boxes on them to create more room on the floor.

Hang Some Things from the Ceiling

The ceiling can serve as a storage option to create space in your unit. You only need to purchase strong hooks to hold the items, or possibly suspend a net that you can fill. Large, bulky items that don't stack well and that aren't too heavy like bikes, brooms, mops, big picture frames, and pegboards are ideal for hanging from the ceiling. When you remove these sorts of items from the floor, it leaves space for other things which are heavy or which may stack more easily. For safety reasons, ensure the items are high enough to avoid hitting your head when you are navigating the facility. 

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