Own An Online Store Out Of Your Home? Tips For Using Self Storage To Hold Inventory

Do you make money by selling things online? You may be creating customized crafts to sell online or trying to flip items to sell to the highest bidder. Either way, you may be running out of room at home to store all of your inventory and wondering what you can do to free up some space. A storage unit with a company like National Self Storage - Denver can be an excellent way to keep things safe and secure until you make a sale. Here are a few tips for selecting the right storage unit.

Consider The Location

Depending on how often you sell items, the location of the storage facility may play a big role in who you rent from. If you find yourself making daily trips to the post office, consider renting a storage unit that is near where you do your shipping. This will help you streamline your shipping process for when you need to swing by the storage unit on the way to the post office. If you have to go out of your way to go to a storage unit, it can make the travel difficult as you do it more frequently.

Understand The Rules

Sometimes people use a storage facility for more than just inventory. They use it as a space to work. If you plan on using a storage facility to get some work done, make sure you know the rules.

For example, if you are refinishing wood furniture, know whether you are allowed to store the flammable substances you would be using to apply to the wood. Find out if you can have access to the unit at any time or if there are certain hours that it is accessible. There may even be restrictions on using the storage unit as a workspace, or it may not be practical due to a lack of power inside the unit. You won't find out until you look into it further.

Create An Inventory Sheet

Finding things in your storage unit is crucial, which is why it will help to come up with an inventory of where things are. A really basic system to use is numbered boxes, which is similar to what popular online shopping sites use by storing items in bins. Simply list which numbered box the item is in, and when you look it up on your inventory list, you'll easily be able to narrow down the small box that it can be found in.

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