Need To Dismantle Your Craft Room In The Garage? How To Put Your Craft Items Safely Into Storage

When you bought your home with a two-car garage, you may have owned just one vehicle. With so much extra space in the garage, turning it into a craft room made perfect sense with crafting as your major hobby. But, after you have been crafting for a long time, you may need to get that space back to store another vehicle. Without space elsewhere to put the craft room, you should just put it away for a while. Knowing how to put the pieces into storage will prevent you from coming back to damaged or ruined goods.

Sewing Machine

Although it may seem like a sewing machine would be a complex thing to store with all of its parts, keeping it in good condition mainly revolves around frequent cleaning and giving it proper protection. Since each sewing machine is different, even if it is just slightly so, you should rely on the manual for cleaning details. To put it into storage, the preferable thing to do is to get a cover made for sewing machines, or even better, one for your model. This will prevent any gaps that could allow dust particles to get through.


Whether you have a wooden or metal desk for craft projects, you must carefully put it in storage.  Your garage should already be well-insulated because both materials are susceptible to moisture damage. It is essential to maintain this standard when putting it into storage to avoid rotting or rusting. This means choosing an indoor facility where neither rain or snow can seep water into the unit. Choosing a climate-controlled unit will prevent extreme temperatures and humidity from damaging your work desk.


It is natural to have all sorts of paint for working on projects to create art or paint furniture. Keeping them in jars that you get from pasta sauces, salsas, or pickles can make for compact storage. If you want something a little more organized, you can get mason jars to create a uniform system. Climate control is also necessary for paint storage to keep it from drying out, separating, or becoming discolored.

Most craft rooms benefit from freestanding shelves that allow for easy access and storage. It is a good idea to take these with you to the unit and set them up just like at home. Since each craft room is unique and all items have their own rules for storing, prioritizing climate-controlled storage units are a perfect start.

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