Three Questions To Ask When You Rent A Storage Unit

Renting space at a nearby self-storage facility can be extremely beneficial when storage space at your home is limited. Instead of living in clutter quarters or having to throw out some of your prized possessions, you can simple relocate the items that you don't use on a daily basis – and they'll be easy to retrieve when you need them. If there are multiple storage facilities near where you live, evaluating them extends beyond simply comparing the prices. Here are three questions to ask before you make your decision about which facility to use.

What Measures Do You Take To Keep Your Units Secure?

Self-storage facilities use an extensive array of different methods to ensure the security of the goods inside their customers' units. You can evaluate the level of security at each facility to decide the one at which you wish to rent space. For example, it's common for facilities to have video cameras mounted throughout, although there are other measures that can be taken. Some facilities have guards on-site, while others have contracts with local security services that can patrol the facility. Some premises are gated and require customers to "sign in" with an access card so management will know who has visited the premises and when.

Do You Require Renters To Sign Monthly Contracts?

While there's nothing wrong with a storage facility that requires its renters to sign contracts, it's important to confirm this information before you move forward. Many businesses do not include contracts for their customers, which makes it ideal if you have short-term self-storage needs. For example, if you're planning an upcoming renovation and want to store some of your items from home so that they're not in the way, you might only be looking for storage for a couple weeks. In this case, you wouldn't want to have to sign a multi-month contract.

What Features Do You Offer Beyond Your Basic Units?

All self-storage facilities have standard units available for customers to rent, but some businesses have units with enhanced features that can be appealing. For example, many facilities have units with drive-up access. This means that if you have heavy items, you can drive them right to the entrance of the unit. Additionally, climate-controlled units are also an option. These are ideal if you're storing wooden furniture, for example, because it can't be in a space that is too hot or too dry.

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