Boat Storage Security Tips

Your boat can be a very expensive investment, so the idea of someone driving away with your boat might keep you up at night. Fortunately, since boats cannot be driven on land, there are some methods of securing your boat that are not available for other vehicles. Even if you must keep your boat in water, there are boat theft deterrence options available.

Make Your Boat Easy To Identify

If you permanently engrave the hull of the boat with a hull identification number, it will then be much easier for authorities to identify your boat if it is stolen. Also, if you take pictures of the boat, this will make it much easier for authorities to identify it. Once the boat has been stolen, make sure to immediately report it. The more time that passes, the less likely that the boat can be located and recovered.

Place Your Boat In Storage

The best way to prevent your boat from being stolen is to have it placed in storage. If your boat is kept at the dock, it is much easier for a criminal to jump on board and drive away. It is much more challenging to steal a boat that is inside a locked garage, somewhere on your yard away from sight, or in a storage warehouse.

Make The Trailer Harder To Steal

Take one of the wheels off the trailer so that it is more difficult for a criminal to hitch the trailer and drive away. Also, some trailers have a forward part of the tongue that can be removed. A high security chain and a quality lock can be used to attach the boat to a trailer, tree or a building.

Install An Alarm

There are several small, self-contained alarm systems that can be installed on boats. The alarm will need to be designed for boating or the humid environment may cause the alarm to short circuit.

Disable The Boat

If it is not possible to store the boat on land, there are several ways the boat can be secured to make it more difficult to steal. At the very least, do not leave the ignition key on the boat. The ignition switch can be locked by installing a kill switch. If you do not intend to use the boat for an extended period, remove as much equipment as possible and store it. Do not leave anything behind that would make it possible to operate the boat.

For more boat storage tips, contact a company like Rock Solid Storage LLC.

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