How To Install A Flood Stop Inside A Storage Unit

Before the bad weather hits it is important to take preventative measures and weather proof your storage unit. Installing a simple flood stop can help to stop a flood of water from coming inside the storage unit and damaging important storage items. Here is a step-by-step guide that can instruct you on how to install a flood stop in your storage unit.

1 – Start by cleaning out the area of the storage unit where the  door connects with the floor. Take a hard bristled broom and brush away any dirt or debris that might be on the floor or coming in between the door and floor.

2 – With the door in the up position, line up the flood stop along the floor where the door touches the floor. Hit the door button and watch the door close until it reaches the flood stop. The flood stop should form a seal between the floor and the door that will prevent any water from moving past that point. If the door does not close properly, then make sure that you adjust the position of the flood stop until the door can properly close.

3 – Open the  door back open again, then take a black marker and outline the corners of the flood stop along the flood to indicate the exact position that it should be aligned in.

4 – Pick up the flood stop and remove the adhesive strip along the back side. With the strip removed the backside of the flood stop will be extremely sticky and you can line it up to the black marker that was drawn onto the floor. When the flood stop is lined up on the floor, press the sticky side down to the floor and press hard to make sure it adheres properly. Add some weight on top of the flood stop to give added pressure to help make sure the flood stop sticks.

5 – Hit the door release button to close it and make sure it stops on top of the flood stop to form a proper seal. Test the flood stop by spraying or pouring water along the outside of the closed door and if the stop was installed correctly it should prevent any water from coming inside the garage.

If you are still having issues with flooding inside your storage unit after installing the flood stop, you need to contact your local storage unit provider to inquire about temperature-controlled units.

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