4 Tips For Moving And Storing Mattresses

If you are relocating your family and downsizing, you may have some extra furniture that you don't need, like a few mattresses. If you are planning on moving mattresses to a storage unit, it is important that you do it properly. If you fail to follow certain rules, you might go to retrieve the mattress only to discover it has been ruined by water or it is riddled with pests. Here are some tips to follow when moving and storing mattresses.

Clean the Mattresses Thoroughly

Unless the mattresses are brand new, you should not just cover them and store them right away. They need to be cleaned first. This allows you to remove any dirt, dust, and pet dander that has accumulated on them. Cleaning a mattress is easy to do with a hose attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Remove all of the bedding and begin vacuuming the top and sides of the mattress. Flip it over and repeat it on the other side. You should also vacuum the sides of the box spring if it is upholstered. You can also use a cleaning product meant for upholstery by spraying it before vacuuming.

Cover the Mattresses

As soon as the mattresses are cleaned, you want to cover them. This should be done before they even go into the pickup truck or mover's truck to be transported to the self-storage unit. Mattresses can get dusty all over again after being placed in the truck, making a mattress bag essential. It is also important to cover them for the storage unit, which helps to protect them from mold, mildew, and pest infestation. Mattress bags are inexpensive and easy to find at most stores selling home items. You might also be able to purchase one at a local moving company. Cover both the top mattresses and box springs.

Place Them on Their Side in the Moving Truck

When transporting the mattresses, it is best to lean them on their side. If you place them down flat, you risk having boxes or furniture placed on top of them, which can wear out the fabric and cause damage to the mattresses. It also helps to save space in a moving truck by standing them on their side. Another benefit to putting them on their side is that you can place flat items between them while transporting items, such as artwork, picture frames, or mirrors.

Store Them Flat in the Storage Unit

While you want them on their side in the moving truck, they are actually better laying flat in a storage unit. This is because the springs and other mechanisms can wear out unevenly when placed only on one side. However, be careful how they are stored flat. First of all, do not place other items on top of them unless they are very light. Secondly, be sure they are not placed directly on the ground. This puts them at risk for water damage. Instead, place them flat on top of wooden pallets. Click here for more info about storage.

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