Unique Ideas For Increasing Storage In Compact Vehicles

If your compact vehicle lacks adequate storage space, then you may be interested in ways to make more room available. However, this could be challenging, depending on particular make, model and size of your car. Here are some unique ideas for increasing storage in your vehicle, even if it's one of the smallest vehicles out there:

Purse storage

For many women, finding a proper place to place their purse in their vehicle can be difficult, regardless of the size of the car or truck. Fortunately, if you shop in the right places, there are specially-made pouches that can easily fit just about any vehicle. These pouches enable you to conveniently store your purse out of the way of your passengers. Another advantage of these pouches, which you can find online as well as in stores, is the fact that they allow you to easily assess your purse whenever necessary. You can also place other items in this extra compartment, as you see fit.

Gun storage

If you work a dangerous job that requires you to carry a gun, then you will undoubtedly want a place to hide and store your firearm in your vehicle. It doesn't matter that your vehicle may lack appropriate storage areas, because you can create some quite clever hiding spots. Of course the specific hiding spot that you choose will depend on your particular vehicle, so you should check out some of the different ideas that are available.

Exterior storage

When it comes to finding places to store excess items in a vehicle, many people often forget about the outside of the car. There are some great ideas for exterior cargo storage, even if only needed when going on vacation. One idea is to utilize your vehicle's roof. You can find a local contractor who can attach racks to your roof, enabling you to carry waterproof bags filled with items, or even specially-made boxes that can easily attach to the racks.

The bumper is another area of your vehicle's exterior that can be used to increase car storage. The bumper can be especially useful when traveling on trips, since you can attach a trailer to it and transport unlimited items. Even if your vehicle doesn't already have a hitch, you can easily have one mounted, so you can instantly increase space.

Increasing storage space in any vehicle doesn't have to be difficult or stressful. Instead of suffering through feeling cramped on a regular basis, or dealing with the inability to transport certain items due to lack of space, by being resourceful, you can quickly increase cargo space and make major shopping sprees, road trips, and even daily commuting much more tolerable. Contact a company, such as Ship Creek Storage, for more information. 

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