Tips For Better Organization In Your Storage Unit

Storage units service prices are based upon size, so it's no surprise that you want to make the most of the smallest space possible. The key to effectively using your storage is in the organization. The following are a few organization tip.

Tip #1: Grab some masking tape

Before moving in, use masking tape to divide up your unit. Begin by marking out aisles. These need to be wide enough to walk down and should lead from the front of the unit to the back so you will have access to everything once the unit is loaded. Next, mark out the available storage space. Write on the masking tape so you know what each sectioned off bit of storage is for. This way when you and your helpers move things in, like items or items from the same room will be easier to keep together.

Tip #2: Put in some shelving

Shelving can be a major space saver, especially if you are storing a lot of fragile items. You can still stack the boxes on the shelf, but with shelves you don't have to worry about the weight crushing fragile items beneath. Shelving is also good if you frequently remove and replace things in storage, such as holiday décor, since there is no need to try and dig out a single box from the bottom of a large stack of boxes.

Tip #3: Try looking up

If your storage unit facility allows it, ceiling hooks are a great way to increase your storage space. You can use hooks to hang awkward items, like bicycles, out of the way. Another option is to install two rows of hooks and then string rope or bungee cords between them. This creates a hammock-like area where you can slide flat or lightweight items, such as surfboards or skis. Wall hooks are another option that allows you to store a lot of different items in an accessible manner.

Tip #4: Choose same-size containers

One of the keys to both uniform-width storage aisles and easy stacking is the choice of container. The best choice are plastic storage bins in all the same size. These are durable, as well as resistant to moisture and pests. You can stack them several high with no worries about collapsing or damaging the items inside. Some even come properly sized to work with some storage shelving systems. The next best option is sturdy cardboard boxes that are all the same size. File boxes are one such option, and they even have built in handles. You can even use standard moving boxes, just opt for ones that are all the same size.

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