Christmas Storage Tricks To Simplify Your Life

As the holidays wrap up, instead of hastily putting away all your decorations and squeezing them into every free nook and cranny throughout your house, rent a storage unit for all your holiday decorations and use these storage tricks to keep everything safe until next year. 

Rent A Climate Controlled Storage Unit

The first thing you need to do is find a climate controlled storage unit near your home that you can rent. A climate controlled unit will ensure that the temperature and environment is kept consistent inside of your unit throughout the year.

Since you are only storing holiday decorations, you probably can rent a smaller unit that is about the size of a large closet. If you know you have more decorations than that though you may want to upgrade to the next largest size. 

See if you can get a discount on the rent by paying for an entire year up-front. 

Take Your Time Packing Up Your Decorations

In order to ensure that your decorates make it safely through another year in storage, do not hastily throw them in a box. Invest in some storage containers and take your time putting everything away. In the future, this will make setting up and taking down your decorations easier. 

  • Ornaments: Take your ornaments and put each one inside of their own small clear plastic cup. Party size cups should be large enough for most ornaments. This will keep your ornaments safe from cracking and will also make them easy to see. Place the cups inside of a plastic storage container, and place a layer of sturdy cardboard in between each layer cups and ornaments. 
  • Artificial Tree: If you have an artificial tree, instead of wrestling it back into the box that it came in, purchase some concrete form tubs. They are the perfect width and height for you to place the parts of your artificial tree inside. Wrap up the layers in twine and place them inside the tubs. Label the tubs with the layers; this will save you space and make it easier for you to set up your Christmas tree next year.
  • Christmas Lights: Don't just throw your Christmas lights in a box and deal with untangling them next year. Take a piece of cardboard and cut notches on it so that the lights do not slip off. Then, make a slit in the cardboard and place the end of the lights there. Next, wrap the lights around the cardboard and tape the other end to the opposite side of the cardboard. You will not have to untangle your lights next year. Place the cardboard wrapped lights inside of a plastic storage container. Label the lights with the location of where they were hanging to make things even simpler. 
  • Other Decorations: Place your other decorations inside of labeled plastic bags with their display location. Then place them inside of plastic storage containers.

With a little time, you can store all of your Christmas decorations in an organized matter and keep them all together inside of a storage unit instead of scattered around your house. 

For a local storage facility, contact a company such as North Star Mini Storage.

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