Tips For Packing Your Books For Long Term Storage

If you love books, chances are good that you own a great deal of them. This is great if you have a stable living situation and have the room to put up shelves and make your own library. It's not as great if you don't have a stable living situation and need to move around a lot. It might be easier for you, if you are in the latter living situation, to invest in a storage unit to keep your books until you have a permanent living situation. However, you need to make sure that you pack up your books correctly in order to make sure that they are not damaged by the long term storage. Here are some tips for getting your books ready for long term storage. 

1. Invest in a Humidity Controlled Unit

One option is to invest in a storage unit in which the humidity is carefully controlled. These storage units tend to cost a great deal more money but will allow you to simply pack your books in boxes without worrying about them rotting or being damaged by changes in humidity. This is a great option for those who are able to afford it.

2. Pack Your Books Separately in Plastic Bags

If you are unable to afford a humidity controlled storage unit, your other option is to pack all of your books individually. 

First, take each of your books and wrap them in paper that does not contain any acid. You can find paper that is specifically labeled to be acid free in craft stores and online. Make sure that you wrap the outside of the book, as well as the inside covers. Use painters tape to secure the acid free paper in place. The acid free paper is designed to soak up any extra moisture that might occur before it gets to the book itself without bleeding on the book.

Next, take each book and place it in its own plastic bag. This will prevent water from getting on the books and will ensure that they are not inadvertently damaged. Before you seal each bag, place a silicon gel pack in each bag. This silicon gel pack is designed to absorb any moisture that might develop in the bag, ensuring that your books remain dry as long as someone does not open the bag and fill it with water.

Finally, seal the bags and stack your books carefully in a box so that they are not squished together and bending but also so that they don't have a ton of room to be shifted around.

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