Making Your Storage Unit Easy To Navigate

If you are planning on renting a storage unit to hold your personal items, planning ahead can save you unnecessary stress in finding things inside when you need them. Organization is key in keeping items easily accessible as you make your way through your unit. Here are some tips to use when placing items in your unit, saving yourself time in searching for items later on.

Categorize While Packing

When packing items to place in storage, place like items in boxes rather than placing items with no relation to each other in one enclosure. Label boxes with large black lettering on each side as well as the top so you will know what contents are inside from any angle. It is a good idea to place this lettering on colored index cards instead of right on the cardboard. Use these cards to color coordinate items by room or by owner. The same colored cards can be grouped in one area of your storage so you can find items easier.

Construct A Document

As you place items in your storage unit, take a photographs of groupings of items from each side, the back, and the front. This will help you remember where certain items are long after you had placed them inside. Consider drawing a diagram of the layout showing where your items are located. Label the areas on the diagram and tape it to the interior of the storage unit so you can use it when you need to find something inside.

Make Aisles Inside

It is a good idea to leave space along the perimeter of the storage unit if possible. This may not be attainable however if you have a lot of larger items that need to lean against walls. If this is the case, use the back wall to offer these items stability by leaving the side walls free so you have aisles to use to get to the back of the unit. Place an aisle down the middle of the unit as well.

Put Most-Used Items In Front

Place items you are positive will not be needed anytime soon toward the back of the unit. Things you may need to use should be placed right in view from the front so you will not need to waste time getting to the further areas to haul them out of the unit. Consider placing a handcart in the front area of your unit to help you move things when they are needed. Some storage unit services will provide these, but having one yourself will save you the time and trouble in finding one within the facility.  

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