Storage Tips For Outdoor Holiday Decor

Finding room for your outdoor holiday decorations can be difficult if you don't have a lot of excess storage. Basements and garages aren't always the best option, since they can be damp or attractive to pests. A storage unit can free up space in your home and help ensure that your expensive outdoor décor still looks good next year. The following tips can help you store everything properly.

Inflatable Decor

Nylon blowup items have become a holiday front yard staple in recent years. The key to storing these items safely is to make sure they are clean and dry. Set them up somewhere indoors and wipe off any dirt with a slightly damped cloth. Then, allow the inflatable to dry completely. Once it is dry, fold it loosely – you don't want to crease the fabric. Place the folded inflatable into a duffel bag or other breathable fabric bag. If you are worried about pests or moisture, store the bag inside of a plastic storage tub. Add some silica gel packets to the tub to absorb any moisture that may still be in the fabric. Fans and compressors should be stored in a separate moisture-proof tub.

Wire Frame Decorations

Another popular item is wire frame décor. Whether it's trees, reindeer, or Santa's sleigh, these items require careful packing. Not only do you need to avoid damage to the frames, you also don't want to damage the light cords. A simple way to pack these up is to disassemble in the manner recommended by the manufacturer, and then place them in contractor-strength garbage bags. These are available at any hardware store. The bags keep the pieces together and protect them from moisture during storage.


Lights also require careful storage. Storage reels, made specifically for lights and extensions cords, are the best bet. Wind the light strands around the reels, being careful not to break any bulbs as you do so. The reels should then be stored in a moisture-proof tub. If you don't have storage reels, you can simply wind the light strings around a sturdy piece of cardboard. This will prevent the cords from becoming tangled. Then, simply stack these inside your storage tub. If tubs aren't available, line a cardboard box with a contractor-grade garbage bag and place the lights inside before sealing it up.

Contact a local storage facility for more tips and tricks for storing your holiday decorations. To find out more, speak with a business like All American Mini Storage.

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